UFC 259 Free Fight: Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes defended her belt and took down one of the biggest names in UFC history when she finished Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 back in 2016. Now a two-division champion, Nunes will put her featherweight title on the line Against Megan Anderson at UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6.
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Big J
Big J 7 perccel
Maybe the biggest talent gap in UFC history.
Tina Landrey
Tina Landrey Órája
nunes is the best
jonathan Rojas
jonathan Rojas Órája
Theeee most deserved ass whooping lol
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Órája
Holly Holms ended her title and Amanda Nunes ended her career
Mr 100 x 10
Mr 100 x 10 2 órája
this fight never gets old....
Almost nothing
Almost nothing 2 órája
Well... she was the most important fighter in the world for a couple of years. What have you done in your life?
Amanda Nunes é invencível...Ronda passou mal
Kalule Rashid
Kalule Rashid 2 órája
Rouse can make a Great Wife. She knows how to GIVE HEAD
Dean Ashworth
Dean Ashworth 2 órája
Ron is the worstest fighter I’ve ever watched
Gerardo Ibarra
Gerardo Ibarra 3 órája
I love how quiet it is there. I watched it at a bar and all the casuals were dead silent, love seeing ronda get rekt
ProtMythic 3 órája
Nunes will always be my favorite, absolutely massive path of destruction
Josh Lavian
Josh Lavian 3 órája
She’s like a little child, honestly; she storms off angrily when she loses, instead of just being a gracious sportswoman. Good riddance, you arrogant, catty little girl
Nawion Naraine
Nawion Naraine 4 órája
Too easy
Darrin Pennington
Darrin Pennington 5 órája
That was just as satisfying as watching Holly send her to the moon
Kenneth and Christine Jordon
Kenneth and Christine Jordon 5 órája
What an awefull fight by Ronda.
Him Upadhyay
Him Upadhyay 5 órája
Nunes is a man.
Hillbilly Mods
Hillbilly Mods 5 órája
I know this was a quick, one-sided whupping....but the the loss to HH was so much more satisfying. She got everything she deserved for being such a douche in the lead up.
Dusan Milosevich jr
Dusan Milosevich jr 5 órája
Why am i strangely aroused by Amanda and her manliness?lol
All Lives Splatter
All Lives Splatter 6 órája
I remember this fight, I was never so happy to see someone get stomped on so badly. Compared to her peers she was a 1-trick pony that got lucky too many times but it was her piss poor attitude that made this ass whooping so satisfying to watch.
Activity On TV
Activity On TV 6 órája
Here for the WWE Universe who Ronda constantly bash🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Mcqueen
Anthony Mcqueen 6 órája
Rhonda had no business in that fight reality hit her hard so to speak. This woman forced her into retirement and pursue Hollywood.
Tarnue 6 órája
Rousay had that look on her face like, “What just happened?”
Kiri Llos
Kiri Llos 6 órája
Mma pussies = joke after 1 minute
David Craig
David Craig 6 órája
That was clean lol 😂😂(djmeechyvoice)
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard 7 órája
i love hearing edmund in the back *HEAD MOVEMENT! HEAD MOVEMENT! HEAD MOVEMENT!*
VYBZ 7 órája
No head movement wat so ever🤣🤣
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 7 órája
Ronda doing all that bullshit while Bruce announced her acting like she was about to do something
Roger Lindsey
Roger Lindsey 8 órája
Thank you Amanda.
savage intellect
savage intellect 8 órája
W T ACTUAL F , ronda didnt even look like a ufc fighter against amanda . like what ? this just proves that there are LEVELS to this .
British Observer
British Observer 8 órája
Ronda Rousey clearly lost this fight before she entered the ring. Her face was intense, but she fought like a scared kitten.
Fercrack 9 órája
Diosel Kilat
Diosel Kilat 10 órája
Joe " ohh she's hurt " Rogan hahaha
lifty swifty
lifty swifty 11 órája
I'm so glad Ronda got humbled twice
Travel 13 órája
You love bashing her. She got rich off the sport. Nunez will lose eventually. They all do.
Yasin Tonge
Yasin Tonge 14 órája
oh boy..
Banana Rama
Banana Rama 16 órája
I don't like Ronda but I do feel bad for her. I think her coach and team gassed her up so fucking hard and didn't really help or take care of her. The entire game plan in the Holm and Nunes fights was fucking insane and didn't make any sense. I know Ronda was outmatched standing up in both and ESPECIALLY against Nunes but that's what I'm saying, any competent coach would have known that and would have trained her for a more defensive and methodical approach to these fights and not wild swinging trying to trade strikes with them.
Tarik Adnan
Tarik Adnan 17 órája
this is not fake wwe ronda 😂
notorious ayemi
notorious ayemi 17 órája
3:51 play from 0.25x thank me later
notorious ayemi
notorious ayemi 17 órája
Interviewer- hey Ronda how are you going to defend amanda's punches? Ronda- my face
Sebastian Owl
Sebastian Owl 17 órája
shout out the buff went hard on this one
Eric Maina
Eric Maina 17 órája
Then after she still standing like she ready to go again like nah we trying to save ur life shawty stay down.
Eric Maina
Eric Maina 17 órája
Shit ain’t funny but man I just noticed ronda yeah she get no upper case for her name after this shit but fr you gotta give it up to her it was all will power str8 heart cuz she was done after the first 3 punches look at her legs ion know how she kept on but it must be will power cuz she just did t wanna go to sleep 😴🤦🏾‍♂️
Multi Pass
Multi Pass 18 órája
I love it when the intro is longer than the fight 😂
Gene Machine
Gene Machine 18 órája
Owen Armit
Owen Armit 19 órája
In hindsight it’s unbelievable that Amanda was the underdog in this fight.
Rift74 19 órája
I don't know whose bright idea it was to change Rousey's game plan from submission to striking but you saw this during the Holly Holms fight and again vs Nunes it was like she was trying to prove she could be a striker but her stand up is just horrible and it cost her a career. She kept walking to Holms and Nunes eating punches. Sometimes your worst enemy is your ego.
Gold F4TE
Gold F4TE 19 órája
3:24-3:26 guard break after 1 standing jab? Ronda got nerfed
chido emeka
chido emeka 20 órája
How ordinary amanda made her look was shocking ..like you'll think Rhonda was making her debut 😭
Redd 77
Redd 77 20 órája
Ronda didn’t know how to box period lol
Cruzer 20 órája
The introduction is much longer than the actual fight 😂
Ty Fartley
Ty Fartley 21 órája
She really lost to two legends in the sport and than left :(
Last Generation
Last Generation 21 órája
"She can knock out any heavyweight"- Edmund Rogan
Kevin Braden
Kevin Braden 21 órája
Wow... you can see when the first solid shot hits Ronda's face, the PTSD from her last loss kicked in and she was DONE ...
Jefri Junaidi
Jefri Junaidi 22 órája
They even need to uncut bruce's part to make video longer 😂
AthleticBrain 22 órája
Funny that the introduction laster longer than the actual fight!
Tyler Barnick
Tyler Barnick 23 órája
That intro was longer than that whole fight.
Orion 23 órája
How rondo just walks and then stands there at the end is so sad but satisfying looking at the end: humble pie
Orion 23 órája
Nunes was just way too fast for Rhonda
Orion 23 órája
When the intros longer than the fight
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore 23 órája
Ronda couldn't even hug it out after the announcement of the victor.
thenson1halo Napja
Amanda Nunez is a transgender. No doubt of it. She was also caught using steroids just like Cyborg.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Napja
It was so satisfying to see that arrogant chick get her face bashed in.
Tarbosh D'Artagnan IV
Tarbosh D'Artagnan IV Napja
Admittedly, I'm not the biggest MMA fan in the world, but I'm just guessing that Rousey's record was padded by fighting a bunch of second-rate nobodies before going up against what is clearly an actual fighter in Nunes. She's freaking horrible in this match.
Shane Ali
Shane Ali Napja
Nunes is a beast she’ll give some of the men a run for their money
Pan Paweł
Pan Paweł Napja
what the fuck :)
Thomas Rosa Da Silva
Thomas Rosa Da Silva Napja
Ronda Rousey: Before 😡 After 🥺
FLmetalhead Napja
Never seen a fighter look so helpless in the octagon before.
Cawhi Napja
Its never good when Bruce Buffer has a better performance than you.
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
Prince Bytor Frunobulax Napja
BizzyIzzy87 Napja
Let that be a lesson to you Joe not to BS us with your own personal bias.
Bobby Carvalho
Bobby Carvalho Napja
Amanda Nunes is awesome
Royce Rambo
Royce Rambo Napja
I remember screaming "Block Ronda!!" when i saw this live...didnt kno she'd use her face 😬🤣
CBA Napja
Smashed her .. Ronda was a fraud
youtube debater
youtube debater Napja
Ronda was scared.. no extensions on her leg kicks or punches...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Napja
Goldberg’s last fight :/
Tin TinZ
Tin TinZ Napja
Wait Ronda is warming up her hands by blowing on them before a fight 🤣 she should be sweating from warming up 🤦🏾‍♂️
Daudić 1
Daudić 1 Napja
Still Ronda❤️
Daudić 1
Daudić 1 Napja
Still Ronda❤️💪🏼
Suhail Ahmed
Suhail Ahmed Napja
Literally no defence. Ronda kept getting hit by the same shot over and over again.
ZoloftWarrior Napja
It’s kinda sad how elite Rousey once was and then one day she just fell off a cliff
jamal collins
jamal collins Napja
Ronda didn’t know where them punches was coming from lol
jetsingh 01
jetsingh 01 Napja
Jake P
Jake P Napja
Las Vegas hospital when they bring in Rhonda "she's back"
u2norton 7 órája
LMFAO! brilliant.
Lee HoldawY
Lee HoldawY Napja
Rousey was another UFC money machine just couldn't fight..
R DoubleU
R DoubleU Napja
Talk about long introductions.
El Bee
El Bee Napja
Rhonda's head looked like a ball of slime while getting her ass whooped lol
Elly Huruko
Elly Huruko Napja
Rod Ornelas Jr
Rod Ornelas Jr Napja
The beatdown that sent her to choreographed wrestling.
JC Zebi
JC Zebi Napja
Crazy world why you treat women like that in America
jamesasher63 Napja
Trouble with Ronda was that she got gassed up as this elite boxer who could go toe to toe with Mayweather and decided to chuck her elite Judo out the window, and she was so full of her own hype that instead of using the Holm fight as a learning curb she decided to trade hands with the one of the greatest fighters of all time.
Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson Napja
Ronda bit off more than she can that year.
Bobby Carvalho
Bobby Carvalho Napja
I'm glad she loses she lost her other fight with a kick to the head next time touch gloves be humble with people her attitude sucks I'm glad she left UFC she's a poor sport cover my face so nobody sees me you are corny and you don't belong on TV must be humble person that mean face quickly changed when you got punched in the face in the face the first time
Bob Franklin
Bob Franklin Napja
I honestly think I could take ronda in a kickboxing match
David Trevino
David Trevino Napja
When women fight men
Neshell Myers
Neshell Myers Napja
Roused walked off like a spoiled kid 🤣🤣🤣 in my Friday voice \you got “knock” the %$&” out! She got her tail handed to her.
Big Boss
Big Boss Napja
Kiran Gacche
Kiran Gacche Napja
What happened if referee was not stopped at that time
jimmydigital Napja
just a complete ass whooping, mike.
big loc
big loc Napja
Ronda has no sportsmanship at al f that lil girl. Good for her
Kebabsaurus Rex
Kebabsaurus Rex Napja
That last right hand, fook me.
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