UFC Vegas 19: Fighters You Should Know

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

16 napja

Rafael Alves, Chris Daukaus and Charles Rosa are three fighters to keep on your radar heading into UFC Vegas 19: Blaydes vs Lewis.
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Євген Чуприна
Євген Чуприна 12 napja
It's really funny,you know.
Ramy Anthony
Ramy Anthony 13 napja
Daukhaus is just a fat LHW
Pedro Torres
Pedro Torres 13 napja
I feel like the little guy was the only one that might make some noise
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore 13 napja
0:37 "He is a Police Officer in The Philadelphia Département".. Seems to be there haven't enough Police Abuse, UFC put some Police Brutality in the Octagone mdrr.
dez inan
dez inan 12 napja
Headline should be off duty officer beat and humilated innocent black male
Aea P
Aea P 13 napja
Easy work for Aspinal
Kubo Better Relax
Kubo Better Relax 13 napja
Rip Rafael Alves
SkepticalContrarian 13 napja
Oh look, a cop beating the shit out of another black man... SJW's where you at!??
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 13 napja
Cant stand Dan Hardys gay voice.
Jason Ngofa
Jason Ngofa 13 napja
Imagine telling Chris Daukaus to take off his badge and fight... I think we know the conclusion there lol
Aaro9n 13 napja
Second dude a straight killer
UN KNOWN 8 napja
Too bad he missed weight by a ton.
aliREGGAEE 13 napja
Yeah cant wait for that fight darnt
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 14 napja
Rosa looks like Wonderboy and Charles olivera combined
Liam Morgans
Liam Morgans 13 napja
Mason McNicholas
Mason McNicholas 14 napja
Alves missed weight by 2 weight classes 😬
Khaled Alrashdi
Khaled Alrashdi 14 napja
Y D 14 napja
0:28 slowest fall i’ve seen 🤣
Sadip Bajracharya
Sadip Bajracharya 14 napja
Thats charles
savvy830 14 napja
The Brazilian guy is dangerous.
Kai Levy
Kai Levy 14 napja
too bad he missed wait by 12.5 pounds
RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert
RC'Cool ǁ site ouvert 14 napja
Daukaus strike me as an ex fat guy. Congrats if that's the case.
Jesse James
Jesse James 14 napja
We need fans back, this is getting old
Ash Bash Sneakers
Ash Bash Sneakers 14 napja
That first guy has some abs on him
Marcus Hards
Marcus Hards 14 napja
Tom aspinal should be on here. If he can get past a veteran like arlovski he's got a real chance of breaking into top 5.
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 14 napja
I love that show of respect at the end
TRUEFIRE Squish 14 napja
420...............Yeah yous friggin did..............
dali aljene
dali aljene 14 napja
the first clip, ive never seen someone fall that slowly
Gustavo Cardoso
Gustavo Cardoso 14 napja
With tou don't know Charles Rosa, you are a casual fan of MMA
wes dryden
wes dryden 14 napja
3:05 that punch should have been countered it was terrible
wes dryden
wes dryden 14 napja
0:50 a cop beating up a black guy #racist
Talking NPC
Talking NPC 14 napja
Chris Daukaus is a guy i would really like to see moving up in the rankings!
I LOVE GRAPES 14 napja
Looking at that Alves sent that guy to the cage with the front kick i would be sent to the moon
Marcos tan gamer player
Marcos tan gamer player 14 napja
1:37 mano............crazy
Joker S
Joker S 14 napja
The turn , wow the speed with mixup . Beautiful
Daniel 15 napja
Charles Rosa has a nice armbar finish why tf did they choose this highlight
Daniel 15 napja
I’ve seen this Daukaus highlight so many times 🤣🤣
Jaime Jauregui
Jaime Jauregui 15 napja
That DDT tho
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 15 napja
The UFC are far superior to boxing with their promotional content.
Deansy 13 napja
yep, I never even see boxing on youtube. the UFC actually spends money advertising, that's why they are on a whole different level!
Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ
Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ 15 napja
Daukaus and Aspinall are probably the best unranked Heavyweight strikers rn, also why is Aspinall not in this vid?
Anthony Hertlein
Anthony Hertlein 14 napja
@Kenny Taco daukaus is higher on the main card than aspinal I'm pretty sure oddly enough. Probably because his opponent is ranked higher than Arlovski.
Kenny Taco
Kenny Taco 15 napja
I was wondering the same. I think these are just prelim fighters and aspinal is now on the main card
waalex11 15 napja
Funny how the guy in the thumbnail looked the sloppiest out of the fighters who were displayed.
George Alley
George Alley 14 napja
Yeah he mostly a submission fighter. His stand up isn't that good
DTG499 15 napja
Shut up dude you can’t even touch your toes.
Razr Sliq
Razr Sliq 15 napja
Alves looks super sharp.
raj moradiya
raj moradiya 15 napja
Rosa is Stephen wonderboy junior
Pub x Stompa
Pub x Stompa 15 napja
Im actually excited for all these fights.
Lumberjake 15 napja
4:20 haha
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper 15 napja
That Alvez front kick tho!! My God!😳😬
Joatan Pereira
Joatan Pereira 10 napja
Alves is gonna be on the top 5, just wait
Álvaro 15 napja
Nobody under 30?
twinblade6 15 napja
Oh Shit Charles Rosa and I are the same alumni. JWU Miami here.
Marlon Johnson
Marlon Johnson 15 napja
How do you put so much power into a backflip and still under rotate??
HIP HOP HUB TV 15 napja
Luke Petersen
Luke Petersen 15 napja
Rosa looking like wonderboy with that stance
Luke Petersen
Luke Petersen 14 napja
@blueberry kags lol
blueberry kags
blueberry kags 14 napja
blueberry kags
blueberry kags 14 napja
bob 15 napja
💉Alves💉 lemme do USADAs job, no piss tests at 3am will be necessary🥱
Shaun McNeil
Shaun McNeil 15 napja
tom Aspinal?? should be in here for sure, guy is 2-0 with 2 first round kos in the ufc disrespectful he aint on here
Shaun McNeil
Shaun McNeil 14 napja
more people know about charles rosa than tom aspinal. Only hardcore fans know about tom, so ur wrong mark
Mark Haven
Mark Haven 15 napja
The title is Fighters you should know, we already know Aspinall. The UFC is not disrespectful you are just easy with your accusations. Typical keyboard warrior statement.
Isa abd133
Isa abd133 15 napja
Nate landwehr is really exciting
Orlando R
Orlando R 14 napja
True, sucks his last fight was cancelled.
Bo mal patriote
Bo mal patriote 15 napja
No Tom Aspinal???
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 napja
He's pretty famous
Maybe, maybe not.
Maybe, maybe not. 15 napja
Alves moves like a genetically enhanced human, he's so fast it looks fake.
Feroplays46 15 napja
Cm Punk is so good one loose against him equals 29 looses at the Same time so watch out khabib and gsp
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 15 napja
Where is Danny Chavez?
The Plaza of chaos
The Plaza of chaos 15 napja
I’m sorry that left hook thrown by the fight in the being was hella slow lol 😂
James Hovey
James Hovey 15 napja
Yeah... hes in trouble
Ricky Jassal
Ricky Jassal 15 napja
Police officer in UFC? I am assuming he would be looking to fight black fighters so he can try to impress his klan...errr...his bosses
Anthony Hertlein
Anthony Hertlein 14 napja
Lol are you 6?
My Penis is incredibly small but,
My Penis is incredibly small but, 15 napja
The second dude seems promising.
Kevin Zuniga
Kevin Zuniga 13 napja
He was the one that missed the lightweight limit fighting at featherweight lol
mpforeverunlimited 13 napja
Damn that was him? Lol fuck that dude. 9 losses too
Josh Dudeguy
Josh Dudeguy 13 napja
Yeah, at 157.5 lbs in the featherweight division, he could do a lot of damage..
My Penis is incredibly small but,
My Penis is incredibly small but, 13 napja
@Joe Aliotta lol
Joe Aliotta
Joe Aliotta 13 napja
Too bad he missed weight by 11.5 pounds
Alexander Robertson
Alexander Robertson 15 napja
Marc "GET OUT OF THERE" Goddard
Yehuda Samberg
Yehuda Samberg 15 napja
Chris "police brutality" Daukas
Konsta Kuusrainen
Konsta Kuusrainen 15 napja
Chris Daukaus looks like he should be fighting at middleweight, but decided to bulk up to compete at hw.
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 napja
Funnily enough he used to be 300 lbs and lost 70 lbs
George Alley
George Alley 14 napja
He probably used to be really fat. He looks hella flabby
Bo mal patriote
Bo mal patriote 15 napja
Agreed, idem with Tanner Boser tho. Both are very small HW compared to others
José Flores
José Flores 15 napja
Hw prospects to keep an eye on: Aspinall Daukaus Romanov Spivak Felipe Tafa Boser
Feroplays46 15 napja
So you gonna do my boy beneil dariush like that huh
Pedro Wazair
Pedro Wazair 15 napja
@José Flores I didnt even know him and Felipe fought . Guess hes better than I thought lol
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr 15 napja
Don't forget Rosie O'Donnell
José Flores
José Flores 15 napja
Pedro Wazair Spivak beat Felipe in his last fight. Spivak has only lost to two ranked guys Harris and Tybura but also beat a ranked guy (back then) in Tuivasa
Pedro Wazair
Pedro Wazair 15 napja
Daukaus , Aspinall , and Spivak are all on this card . Didnt Spivak lose his last two ?
Try Hard
Try Hard 15 napja
José Flores
José Flores 15 napja
Charles Rosa has been in the UFC since 2014
Michael de Munck
Michael de Munck 15 napja
Damn that brazilian looks really sharp, backflip was dope also
786 body fitness
786 body fitness 15 napja
D&M Prod
D&M Prod 15 napja
Where is Tom?
Yarp Yepiddy
Yarp Yepiddy 15 napja
I don’t think we should know any of these guys actually
1.4142 15 napja
if you don't know... f off
Ahmad Ismail
Ahmad Ismail 15 napja
I only know Rosa because of ufc 4 I always knock him out in round 1😂
ZIIGZAGG42o 11 napja
@Harrison Bellamy y’all are dumb as hell. A chin in a video game vs real life are two different things 😂 but y’all are casuals I’m here we really do this in real life 🥋😬
wes dryden
wes dryden 13 napja
@ZIIGZAGG42o but he’s not lying
Harrison Bellamy
Harrison Bellamy 14 napja
@ZIIGZAGG42o mate common he’s got no chin
Ahmad Ismail
Ahmad Ismail 14 napja
@ZIIGZAGG42o are you joking bro😂
ZIIGZAGG42o 14 napja
That’s my boy in real life watch your mouth
1.4142 15 napja
I always wanted to visit peabody massachussets
Silent Shadows
Silent Shadows 15 napja
Alves looks deadly
Kacper Łabuz
Kacper Łabuz 15 napja
Billy Dafforn
Billy Dafforn 15 napja
Last one shouldn’t have been on here lmao
DTG499 13 napja
@addoun sami youcef Bryce Mitchell is 14 and 0 with 9 finishes. But since you’re such a pro why don’t you go in there and break his record
addoun sami youcef
addoun sami youcef 13 napja
@DTG499 he lost 30.24 against bryce mitchel lmao
DTG499 14 napja
@James Hovey the fact you evaded my point by trying to change the topic about what I know instead of trying to prove what you know is just further verification that you are just an armchair general. Quit arguing with a guy on HUpost and go to a gym and actually learn some mma.
James Hovey
James Hovey 14 napja
@DTG499 the fact that you think Rosa is a "fighter to watch" proves you dont know shit
DTG499 14 napja
@James Hovey the fact that your only claim to fight knowledge is that you just watch fights is proof enough that you don’t know shit
Rekan Payne
Rekan Payne 15 napja
No, I dont think I will
Le french monster
Le french monster 15 napja
It's a documentary🤣🤣
Simply Golf
Simply Golf 15 napja
Ufc 259 gonna be epic.
Mus rex
Mus rex 15 napja
Wow.. Amazing
Cookazor 15 napja
Charles 24-30 Rosa
Sonny Fox
Sonny Fox 15 napja
Wansnt he the guy who got brutalised by Bryce Mitchell
yes but what about ben askren?
James Hovey
James Hovey 15 napja
Hes on the "fighters who retired" video
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 15 napja
Yesssss, lesssss go 🔥
enuff2u 15 napja
Of the three fighters showcased here, Rosa is the only fighter I am predicting to lose at this event.
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 11 napja
Holy shit. How the fuck do you predict that! Good job man👏🏻
DTG499 15 napja
Don’t he’s been training with masvidal’s former sparring partner. Rosa is gonna knock that dude out.
Caroline - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ
Caroline - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ 15 napja
Satan, it’s time to work!
Isa abd133
Isa abd133 15 napja
Same, he looked really cool then i saw his highlight and it was soo slopy
Mary Montykova
Mary Montykova 15 napja
I know almost all the fighters. I love MMA. And boxing. And kick boxing. And Thai boxing) I have to start training myself, otherwise I just look)
RTR Productions
RTR Productions 14 napja
@Mary Montykova not true. Jones is the best
Mary Montykova
Mary Montykova 15 napja
@Dominique Dyson I like Tony Ferguson. But the best fighter is Khabib Nurmagomedov
Dominique Dyson
Dominique Dyson 15 napja
Mari, who is the best fighter in the UFC?
Roger Gauthier
Roger Gauthier 15 napja
I always love the respect at the end of the fights!!
Darren Roehit
Darren Roehit 15 napja
mmadigest 15 napja
Nate Landwehr. He's a wildman and super exciting to watch fight.
Steve White Jr.
Steve White Jr. 14 napja
@Shai Kim-Shapiro Yeah, I've watched his interviews and he just seems a little full of himself
Shai Kim-Shapiro
Shai Kim-Shapiro 14 napja
@Steve White Jr. I think he's my least favorite fighter in the ufc. Maybe he's a nice guy, but he was so obnoxious in his last fight
Isa abd133
Isa abd133 15 napja
Yeahhhh like he is so recognizable and i still remember him, he really need to have more fight if he want to climbe the ranks it would be so fun to se him at the top
Crazimo 15 napja
i don’t expect that man to sound the way he does when he talks. sucks he got destroyed by herbert but his fight with elkins was awesome
Steve White Jr.
Steve White Jr. 15 napja
super cringey though
gangster pathan
gangster pathan 15 napja
Khabib fan like Conor McGregor fan comment
TheAntManChannel 15 napja
Instigators get slapped 👏
Sonny Fox
Sonny Fox 15 napja
Both are great, but McGregor was the guy who got me into the ufc
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 15 napja
Ehtasham Lee
Ehtasham Lee 15 napja
Kamil Kajzer
Kamil Kajzer 15 napja
1:24 He literally said to him self if I don’t land it probably I’m not winning
bougie ma vie
bougie ma vie 15 napja
Kingpin gfhdf
Kingpin gfhdf 15 napja
STOP THE FIGHT!!!! -Dan Hardy never forget
The Undertaker
The Undertaker 15 napja
63 likes 4 views
Robert Hull
Robert Hull 14 napja
@The Undertaker why the comment then? Just giving us the info on likes and views because you're a nice guy? Haha.
The Undertaker
The Undertaker 15 napja
@Robert Hull yep
Robert Hull
Robert Hull 15 napja
You know you can hit the like button before you start watching the video and it doesn't register as a view until you've watched a a certain amount of it, right?
ItsJust Ibby
ItsJust Ibby 15 napja
these people with records like 10-3 but cm punk was so good he only lost twice
William Cárdenas
William Cárdenas 12 napja
@Daniel yeah ikr
Daniel 12 napja
@William Cárdenas hes the goat. Fck khabib and jones. CM punk is the man
RuetheDead 13 napja
@Weedgy Apex never lost a round 😂
ItsJust Ibby
ItsJust Ibby 13 napja
@Weedgy Apex Uncle Chael vs CM Punk for the trilogy both excellent well rounded fighters it would be a hell of a fight to see if we are blessed with it
Weedgy Apex
Weedgy Apex 13 napja
And both loses against Uncle Chael
frZ 15 napja
Belal Muhammad with big moves 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Sneak 15 napja
@mmadigest plus he just fought recently, that's pretty impressive.
mmadigest 15 napja
Respect for stepping up
UFC Bible
UFC Bible 15 napja
1:37 is so technically satisfying
Kubo Better Relax
Kubo Better Relax 13 napja
Sucks he missed weight by so much
Jabroni Destroyer
Jabroni Destroyer 14 napja
Ya fooken beauty moment
Nate Robinson's body
Nate Robinson's body 15 napja
It's beautiful
imsnek 15 napja
The camera angle, the sound of the kick and the camera shake due to the impact on the cage, so smooth like an action movie sequence
Johan Skoog
Johan Skoog 15 napja
Yes! I instantly reweind when i saw that 🧐💪
kevin Brugmans Fan maître gims
kevin Brugmans Fan maître gims 15 napja
Yung Støry
Yung Støry 15 napja
Hojiakbar Kshbakov cmog
Hojiakbar Kshbakov cmog 15 napja
KXBİB cenpyen
Ramon Mojica
Ramon Mojica 15 napja
Unos golpes fulminantes 💪
Hojiakbar Kshbakov cmog
Hojiakbar Kshbakov cmog 15 napja
sadra v
sadra v 15 napja
I like paul felder dan hardy duo
T squirrel
T squirrel 15 napja
Everytime I see "fighters you should know" and I never see CM Punk on these list. Very dissapointed
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 14 napja
I have to agree, do they even know who CM Punk is? Pshhhh Casuals
James Hovey
James Hovey 15 napja
Hes on the "fighters who really couldn't fight" video
Bangkok Ready after 6 months of Muay Thai
Bangkok Ready after 6 months of Muay Thai 15 napja
@KRoyski they've been here bro and youtube doesn't give a shit i guess
KRoyski 15 napja
@Ali - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє Oh no bots on youtube now? FUCKKK.
Ali - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє
Ali - ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ sǝx chαt wíth mє 15 napja
I love hearing you laugh. It makes me smile.
Mandela Narkaah
Mandela Narkaah 15 napja
Let's go Ooooooooooo Blaydes.. First to view like my comment
Ancient Keyboard Warrior
Ancient Keyboard Warrior 15 napja
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