UFC 259 Free Fight: Jan Blachowicz vs Dominick Reyes

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

14 napja

Light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz faces middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6. Watch Blachowicz claim the light heavyweight belt at UFC 253 last year against Dominick Reyes.
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IzzoSkizzy 10 perccel
2:09 So early in the round, he winces pretty badly to the body kick that started it all.
lil suty
lil suty 28 perccel
Andrea Roll
Andrea Roll 48 perccel
i've never seen someone showing that kind of damage after a single kick!
김수한 Órája
Why people think him slow guy he is fast in LH
Samuel James
Samuel James Órája
Jon Anik tries so damn hard to pronounce those names properly
lucasino8 Órája
I don't think Jan will catch Adesanya. Adesanya is so much faster and evasive than Jan has ever faced. You should remember Reyes only has 13 profights. Adesanya has over a 100 in combat sports.
MakaroV PsYFouR
MakaroV PsYFouR Órája
Kalio Spits
Kalio Spits Órája
Yo yan literally left a huge mark on reyes and literally kicked the shit out of the same excact mark the rest of the fight.. that was amazing!
Kalio Spits
Kalio Spits Órája
Lets dance!!! 🤔
Jonathan Cesari
Jonathan Cesari 2 órája
I remember all of the analysts telling me Reyes was going to kill Jan! Hahahahahahha
The mack
The mack 2 órája
i dont see him beating adesanya
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
Prince Bytor Frunobulax 2 órája
WhoTFis calling this fight? FU UFC, bring back Rogan and Goldberg. And Courmier and Cruz. The three amigos DC, DC, & JR.!!
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 2 órája
One of the most brutal championship fights ever.
Tom Wallhead
Tom Wallhead 2 órája
That mark on reyes side looks like he been kicked by a bleeding foot then you realise thats bruising...... damn
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 2 órája
i think jan beats izzy but if izzy wants to win he needs to not slugfest jan. he'll go to sleep
Johnathon Hiner
Johnathon Hiner 2 órája
One of the best Chicken dances at the end of a KO in UFC History, Jan is the real deal.
Lefty 3 órája
Jan has that George Foreman power. His punches don't look super powerful, but they hit like a truck regardless and knock people the fuck out.
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez 3 órája
Theirs no way he’s beating Izzy
Haupokia Richards
Haupokia Richards 3 órája
Izzys getting the job done 💯 jan also has possibility to win but don’t get it twisted . well respected fighter, Carlos winning , Yan also winning along w nunes 💪🏽
Green Hornet
Green Hornet 4 órája
*Reyes got that Vegeta widow peak.*
Usilly Hunt
Usilly Hunt 4 órája
Adesanya has some guts taking on this beast..
не stand alone
не stand alone 4 órája
This fat Dana is so lame)
Zero Two
Zero Two 4 órája
What kind of fighting style is jan fighting in?
McAllister Pulswaithe
McAllister Pulswaithe 4 órája
I'd like to hear Joe Rogan cover a golf tournament, especially when it got down to the short strokes. "Tiger is going for a birdie here! OOOWWW! And it lips out!" AND IT'S ALL OVER! JUST. LIKE. THAT!
Alaska Young
Alaska Young 4 órája
Like Jan buy rewatching this you see how he is too slow and telegraphed for someone like Izzy.
JoshAlmighty 5 órája
I think Reyes deserves a rematch, but izzys gonna game him up anyway so idgaf.
JoshAlmighty 5 órája
That stop was a bit premature. Jmo
Tony B
Tony B 5 órája
After watching this I think jan is to slow for adesayna. I don't think he will be able to react fast enough to adesaynas laser beam kicks especially if he throws calf kicks. I still hope he wins.
my youtube
my youtube 5 órája
Jan gonna ko izzy izzy knows this
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor 5 órája
blachowivz fights like a heavyweight, slow and heavy
Antonio Rocha
Antonio Rocha 5 órája
Good fight I think it was stopped a bit too soon, like Reyes was still defending himself or at least had his hands up.
truthbtold 6 órája
Guys! I want to pose a question!! Who do you think has the more punching power? Jan or Israel???
Anikulapo 3 órája
Whoever lands the punches
Mr.Mango 6 órája
I want Jan to win vs Israel to shut him up. But I feel like Israel is just gonna leg kick him like he did to Yoel. But Cory did get KO off a leg kick. 259 is gonna be good!
James Jordan
James Jordan 6 órája
Yea this is gonna be a different kinda hurt for Izzy ! He better run and tag for all them rounds
John Hester
John Hester 6 órája
Hope this isn't the game plan Jan uses against Israel. Gonna be a looooong night for him if it is
MusclePianist 6 órája
Maybe Jan is slow, maybe he has strange style, maybe are much more dynamicly and effectivly fighters in UFC, but.... If he hit You, You will remember this punch . What a power! He is like a fenix! He was close to lose his job in UFc, but after one another chance he make this category different!
Nishujin 6 órája
This is why im scared for Izzy
Dash Rendar
Dash Rendar 6 órája
watching Jan fight is boring AF
rjusth06 7 órája
Is it ironic that Dominick Reyes’ only losses are to guys with J.B initials?
Josiah 7 órája
Reyes ain’t no bitch !! He was hanging in there working his counters, Jan had to much power for him
D c
D c 7 órája
Ivan123 7 órája
Jan looks heavyweight here, they dont even look like a same weightclass. Adesanya is in trouble.
tommy Dawson
tommy Dawson 8 órája
tommy Dawson
tommy Dawson 8 órája
Go home nigga! Who else come from that highlight?
Neeley Fuller Jr
Neeley Fuller Jr 8 órája
Adesanya destroys blacowitz
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow 8 órája
Jan deserves the respect of a champ, tis upsetting that he's always underestimated. And Still...
Dustin LeMasters
Dustin LeMasters 8 órája
Reyes talked so much shit and got slapped like a bitch
Unreal fitness
Unreal fitness 8 órája
I don't believe Adesanya can win. Look what Jan did to Dominick Reyes who is bigger than Jan and Adesanya, and also has the power on his hand. but Jan manhandles the guy like nothing. Also, Dominick Reyes is the guy who almost defeated Jon jones. Jan gonna knock Adesanya out cold.
Lokalersy 9 órája
Będzie mistrzem
tcomneo 9 órája
Agent Blazkowicz did it again greets from Wolfenstein Headquarters keep on serving the greater good mate
Hipnotyczna Egosymulacja
Hipnotyczna Egosymulacja 10 órája
Polish Husar
Rob Michael
Rob Michael 10 órája
Love Jan, but just think Izzy is a horrible matchup style wise for him. Izzy's gonna crush that lead leg and not let Jan get set to throw. Jan better throw caution into the wind and go for broke early while he can stand.
H Hoyt
H Hoyt 10 órája
Early stoppage. Shelling up is intelligently defending yourself. Imagine if every time a boxer shelled up the ref stopped it.
Ronald Winters
Ronald Winters 10 órája
This guy's been the champion for almost a year and hasn't defended his title once. That's stupid ass communist Dana Whites fault for not expecting more and just taking your money for almost nothing
-Diferent Cloud-
-Diferent Cloud- 11 órája
I think the tree champs still undisputed saturday night
Brother Frojd
Brother Frojd 11 órája
Seing how close some of Reyes kicks has been toward Jan head. Izzy will not miss those open shots. I think he's gonna knock Jan out with a kick to the head in third round.
tristan moorthamer
tristan moorthamer 11 órája
I think jan is not gonna have a problem with adesanya cuz reyes was way faster then jan but still got knocked down
der solipsist
der solipsist 11 órája
CEE TV Jamaica
CEE TV Jamaica 11 órája
Reyes thought he was good, because he survived in the Octagon with Jones...
M Harish
M Harish 11 órája
Someone needs to teach Reyes how to throw a jab. He got parried a few times. He abandoned his jab completely. Just shuffled sideways and did not throw anything.
Ani T
Ani T 12 órája
Dam jan you a bad dude
Andy Snadden
Andy Snadden 13 órája
Jan definitely hurt Dominic in this fight, badly ...
King Lucky
King Lucky 13 órája
Who’s here before Saturday!!!?! I think if Izzy kicks that tree trunk of a front leg of Jan he forces him to move awkwardly and press him into punches but it’s going to be a crazy fight I don’t think it goes past 3 rounds
조인식 13 órája
Reyes also can beat Adesanya.
Prestonn F
Prestonn F 13 órája
Dude reyes is frickin tough taking those body kicks like that
Żołnierz UKF
Żołnierz UKF 13 órája
Markjensen Coralde
Markjensen Coralde 13 órája
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 13 órája
The way Reyes went down is scary man. Izzy has a fight on his hands, they hit different in this division.
Przemysław Gaj
Przemysław Gaj 14 órája
Variety Jones
Variety Jones 14 órája
Go Jan!💪🇵🇱
Chris Graf
Chris Graf 15 órája
Jan is an absolute beast!!
madzioN2 15 órája
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 13 órája
Adesanya going down
David Campos
David Campos 15 órája
4:56 damn nuff said.
rvntz 15 órája
lez dance!!!
MaisieLeigh 16 órája
Israels going to see that body kick from a mile away considering Reyes’ similer dimensions to him
Aaron Costa
Aaron Costa 16 órája
If Jan fights this slow Saturday night he's getting beat by the Stylebender
Ivan Spasojevic
Ivan Spasojevic 17 órája
I'd rather stand in front of 60mph running SUV than this guy.....
cassh meoutt
cassh meoutt 17 órája
This fight was ass
sandi gunawan46
sandi gunawan46 17 órája
Jhon jones the best.
Barr3LtoURdome 17 órája
lol the welt on Jan's foot from firing bullet kicks.
TruckMania 17 órája
Today and still 🇵🇱 💯 %
4c00h 17 órája
SurfingBullDog 17 órája
Reyes should have continued to stick and move. He got drawn into a brawl towards the end. With someone like Jan, it’s just a matter or time before you get slept. That being said, I think Izzy will have success with his quickness and movement. I’m curious how it plays out.
VIKRANT S 18 órája
Dominic was dumb enough to corner and trade with Jan.
Hyx V
Hyx V 18 órája
Adesanya going down
BenniekdaReal 18 órája
Izzy got his hands full with this dude.
wooly samoan
wooly samoan 19 órája
Kind of sucks without any fans.
kendra campbell
kendra campbell 19 órája
He has a good right left one two combo
afiq mohd
afiq mohd 19 órája
israel adesaya is underdog in ufc259..u cant hate jan..
M3l203 19 órája
I could imagine jan running right into a straight right to knock out his lights, izzy got this
Sam Wood
Sam Wood 20 órája
Jan is too slow he cant fight izzy like that
Russell cisneros
Russell cisneros 20 órája
This dude Reyes hasn’t fought in more than 1 year
Never heard of jan until after but he's definitely a guy u can't hate
Jake Skorcz
Jake Skorcz 21 órája
Jan isnt about to roll over like these middleweight midgets. Izzy hasnt fought somebody who isnt afraid of him in awhile. Jan KO 2nd or 3rd Round.
Monkey Movies
Monkey Movies 21 órája
Izzy is gonna chop that leg.
Khanh Do
Khanh Do 22 órája
i wanna see him knockout izzy.
Jonathon Cornelius
Jonathon Cornelius 22 órája
I will sleep Izzy or Jan... I am undefeated 18-0.. I will fight anyone anytime. Playstation or Xbox!!
Serob77 22 órája
This dude is about to knock adesanya off
Jake Stanton
Jake Stanton 22 órája
Here before he loses his belt Saturday 👍
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