UFC Vegas 19: Blaydes vs Lewis - Weigh-in

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

15 napja

Curtis Blaydes, Derrick Lewis and the rest of the fighters competing at UFC Vegas 19 weighed in on Friday morning in Las Vegas.
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nicotine addiction
nicotine addiction 9 napja
Did he like fucking forget that he had a fight? What in the fuck
Richard Potter
Richard Potter 10 napja
Liked to see Yana weigh in, Casey too ,but why did the heavyweights have to? Once ya hit monster ...
Left Leg Cemetery
Left Leg Cemetery 12 napja
Chris Daukaus PHILLY REPRESENT! 215 baby!
Ben Hof
Ben Hof 12 napja
You don't get to point to your tattoo after missing weight by 3 pounds.
mastershake42019 12 napja
Miss weight by 2 weight classes. Respect
Kristjan Rom
Kristjan Rom 12 napja
Alves may be actualy sorry or he put on an act, should be cut in both cases. UFC will really have to do something about fighters missing weight, because it is getting crazy. 3 or 4 fighters missed weight tonight, if you cant make weight move up in weight class
KP Nation
KP Nation 13 napja
If you're that much overweight why embarrass yourself further by weighing in?
Papa Rose
Papa Rose 13 napja
3:00 I didn't knoo Ariel fighting on this card🤔🤔
Olajugoat 13 napja
6:06 world's fastest weigh-in
Mr Rich
Mr Rich 13 napja
🪒 All The Way 👍🏾
Fede Bateli
Fede Bateli 13 napja
4 fighters missing weight that's crazy and one of them is 4:48 that's Felder's training partner and I remember that after Felder fought RDA in the post fight interview he said something like "to the guys that missed weight get your shit together, hire a nutritionist, I took this fight on 5 days notice and made weight so get your shit together". I wonder what he thinks now that his training partner missed weight and pretty bad.
Tony C
Tony C 13 napja
Why did Alves even bother to weigh in? His team should have informed the UFC that he couldn’t make the weight instead of him walking out and he embarrassing himself like that.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 13 napja
Lewis looks to be in the best shape I've ever seen in his UFC career. Putting money on him to sleep Blaydes.
Deyon Livingston
Deyon Livingston 13 napja
Helwani brought me here.
Павел Анатольевич
Павел Анатольевич 13 napja
45,5 как на подбор
K JA 13 napja
Maybe he was sleep eating
Bearus 13 napja
2:57 why does this look like Ariel helwani
Mario Lobos
Mario Lobos 13 napja
Paul felder better not talk shit about anybody this card missing weight he’s friend missed by 5lbs on Purpose he has a harddd fight ahead
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos 13 napja
drako Rodriquez comes in with an upside down Mask 😂
Muskeln-kaufen.de 13 napja
Shana "Fallon Fox" Dobson
Muskeln-kaufen.de 13 napja
Everybody is on steroids
Eric Stadler
Eric Stadler 13 napja
Laces misses weight by 12.5lbs still looks ripped. Maybe the problem isnt Alves?
Muskeln-kaufen.de 13 napja
Rip Fat Derrick
Nick Tank
Nick Tank 13 napja
3:00 well shit Ariel Helwani is fighting???
Ronald Franco
Ronald Franco 13 napja
2:50 I was like wtf swear Ariel is fighting
Mohammed Al Khatib
Mohammed Al Khatib 13 napja
i was like why his hair is red but then i remembered he is bold
seizon sha
seizon sha 13 napja
All you need is a jab and a leg kick to beat lewis. Unfortunately most of the heavyweights don't have the brains for such execution.
Guy Ferz
Guy Ferz 13 napja
2:54 Ariel Helwani looks ready to go 💪🏽
Adam B
Adam B 13 napja
It was Derek's plan to miss weight by 11.5 lbs, im no casual but had never heard of him.. now he on my radar..now ill say hey thats that dude who missed weight by two weight classes lol
metalmulisha99 13 napja
why he crying like a little bitch on the scale he knew how much he weighed why even going to the weigh in?
Tim Mosso's N95 Mask
Tim Mosso's N95 Mask 13 napja
2:39 my man showing his support for helwani after dana called him a douche.
Oden Turnbull
Oden Turnbull 13 napja
helwani getting on the scale at 3:00
kadonkabonk diggitydoo
kadonkabonk diggitydoo 13 napja
Damn Alves couldn't even make 155, at least he expressed how bad he felt for failing.
Icon of Sin
Icon of Sin 13 napja
What? No herbivore scream??
Drooby Dooby Doo
Drooby Dooby Doo 13 napja
Feel bad for Alves but uhhhm maybe he should be a light weight.
ETC KILL 13 napja
Who'll win ?
daaaaamn Ms. Casey.... how you doin mamacita ? XOXO
eiwitsjd 13 napja
Paul Felder makes weight in 5 days. And these guys.... 🤦
Apparently Ariel Helwani is now fighting in the UFC under the name........... "AIEMANN ZAHABI"
Fast Risk
Fast Risk 13 napja
3:00 Ariel finally ready to fight Rampage
ka h
ka h 13 napja
Rafael alves should be sacked instantly, missing weight by that 11lbs wtf is this?
Heart Warrior
Heart Warrior 13 napja
Was the night of the tiramisu and cheeseburgers Lol...
Aaron Erickson
Aaron Erickson 13 napja
Blaydes looks bigger and leaner than ususal
spacetape 13 napja
Release that dummy that missed by that much lol
third326 13 napja
Expect Blades to hump Lewis as long as he can. He's the new Woodley
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan 13 napja
Thought Ariel Helwani was fighting at 3:01
Robert Mccabe
Robert Mccabe 13 napja
Hows he gonna fight at 145 he doesnt have 12 pounds to shed
cattalkbmx 13 napja
Aggressive lamb tattoo. 9:16
RTS !?
RTS !? 13 napja
5:30 those have to be the worst chest inserts I've ever seen
Dain A.
Dain A. 13 napja
Rafael Alves is shredded at 157.5. Dude should at least be a lightweight. 12.5 pounds off that physique would be rough af.
LJ Titan
LJ Titan 13 napja
Lewis wins by masvidal flying knee in 4 seconds beating Jorge's record...
Mrinal Pandey
Mrinal Pandey 13 napja
2:46 Ariel
Brandon Maraquin
Brandon Maraquin 13 napja
Zahabi looked liked helwani if he was a fighter.
Mustseenow!!! 13 napja
if they miss weight by so much and of they win, their win should not count at all.
The Jewish Bettor
The Jewish Bettor 13 napja
I wonder why he missed by so much. Hopefully Rafael is ok 👊🏻🇮🇱
Jeff Wairi
Jeff Wairi 13 napja
8:25 dude made ufc history
A Unique Disposition
A Unique Disposition 13 napja
8:59 Why are you crying? It's your fault that you weren't discipline enough or didn't have the mental fortitude to cut the weight. SmH
Miyamoto Musashi
Miyamoto Musashi 13 napja
if you can't even cut to at least under 155, i think you should be fighting at 170 unless you're just super undisciplined. then you should be cut period.
Wally & Tony
Wally & Tony 13 napja
Sooooo much beeeeef
Michael Coutinho
Michael Coutinho 13 napja
This is the "future" real deal👍
black M
black M 13 napja
Rafael Alves looks to me like he's crying prior to getting on the scale, this fighter is not right mentally not that many are
Jacob B
Jacob B 13 napja
He’s just really sorry he missed weight
fallenzz 13 napja
arvlovski by fang bite
Shane B.
Shane B. 13 napja
Biggest weight miss in UFC history. Unreal. How'd Rafael's trainers let that happen? That's an awful look considering it was gonna be his debut.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 13 napja
Still no microphone on the scale. What is the UFC spending my money on? Not great sound quality.
Joshua Trotter
Joshua Trotter 13 napja
4 fighters weighed in overweight (2 were 5 lbs over ,1 was 3lbs over & 1 was 12 lbs over) & 1 fighter weighed in 5 lbs underweight (140 lbs as a featherweight).
jrsolis619 14 napja
2:48 Damn i thought that was Ariel helwani hahahaha
tay anderson wrestling chileno
tay anderson wrestling chileno 14 napja
3:31 F L Y W I E G H T
Saleh Cheema
Saleh Cheema 14 napja
Alexie just walked on there lmao
Ricky Castillo
Ricky Castillo 14 napja
That’s so embarrassing fool
Lagoso 14 napja
2:59 i didnt know helwani was on this event! Nice!!
UndeadNinja 14 napja
dear ufc please release this fool and unprofessional 12 pounds? you want to be taken seriously this is a disgrace and a joke go work at McDonalds alves
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 14 napja
Hawes is so big for 185
Ed Meds
Ed Meds 14 napja
Alves man... It breaks my heart how much he knew he fucked up. We all fuck up bro learn, get better, never feel that again. 👏 COME BACK AND WIN!
Gerson Ivan Saldaña Olivera
Gerson Ivan Saldaña Olivera 14 napja
9:00 the moment when you realize that you will be flipping burgers next week.
Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth
Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth 14 napja
i swear to god Eddie Wineland and Cub Swanson are the same person
Rogan Face
Rogan Face 14 napja
“I ate salmon yesterday and fell ill, [had] vomit and diarrhea, so the doctor said I had to treat it with [drinking] water,” he wrote in a text message. “I only had 2kg [4.4 pounds] left to cut, [but] when I drank water my weight went up and got stuck, so the doctor didn’t clear me to fight. But God owns everything and He knows what He does.” LOL
Alexandro Bello
Alexandro Bello 14 napja
Rafael Alves is a great guy and an even better fighter. He helped me redefine my game and taught me a few tricks. There has to be something going on with his health or his personal life for him to miss weight like this. He lives for this sport. Please don’t kick a man when he’s down.
Rogan Face
Rogan Face 14 napja
“I ate salmon yesterday and fell ill, [had] vomit and diarrhea, so the doctor said I had to treat it with [drinking] water,” he wrote in a text message. “I only had 2kg [4.4 pounds] left to cut, [but] when I drank water my weight went up and got stuck, so the doctor didn’t clear me to fight. But God owns everything and He knows what He does.” NO NEED FOOR THIS PUSSY SHIT
リプライド 14 napja
8:26 miss weight 😭
Oscar Patino
Oscar Patino 14 napja
Derrick Lewis is going to go for a imanari roll to heel hook. I got Lewis winning via first round submission.
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland 14 napja
When I look at Derrick at 163 and know I was just 5 lbs lighter three years ago, now 188, all I can say is THANK YOU Keto/IF/Snake Diet.
John Benter
John Benter 14 napja
I'm seeing a lot of mullets on this card. And I'm liking what I'm seeing.
DdeAnimeJesterrr 14 napja
Seriously alves Next time lose more weight
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko 14 napja
100$ says alves blames covid and "tough times"
Jay Stat
Jay Stat 13 napja
You're wrong.... Blamed the Salmon
Randominator 14 napja
2:47 for Ariel Helwani making his UFC debut. They messed up his name though...
Jesus is here
Jesus is here 14 napja
Ariel can't be in post and pre-fight interviews so he's going for the mid-fight interviews by becoming a fighter
Shantanu Sengupta
Shantanu Sengupta 13 napja
The Shape
The Shape 14 napja
Blaydes will never be the champ unless he can beat Francis. He's capable of beating the rest.
Khamzat Chimaev
Khamzat Chimaev 14 napja
Wtf Ariel helwani is fighting
Clown Shoes MMA
Clown Shoes MMA 14 napja
157 & 1/2 🤦🏾‍♂️ He didn’t even make the LW division weight limit.
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 14 napja
Let’s go Razor Blaydes!!!
Scotty Gaming
Scotty Gaming 14 napja
Amen zahabi more like Ariel helwani 😂
Gino Paulo
Gino Paulo 14 napja
clap them cheeks beast
Big O Keith
Big O Keith 14 napja
Who y'all got?....
gideon 14 napja
2:50 I thought Ariel decided to start fighting
FPV stu
FPV stu 14 napja
9:00 ish can i pls take the place of that muppet?
GcT 14 napja
Drako Rodriguez looks so out of place loool
Kageryu 14 napja
I know Jessica Eye feels better about herself knowing that someone missed weight worse than she did. LOL
circaNINETWO 14 napja
Wow, hello Yana. 😳😍
Skamilsions 14 napja
Respect 💪👊
Shǐ Jìtuò
Shǐ Jìtuò 14 napja
would have been 170, had he not done a flash-cut by crying before stepping onto the scales, proves that men don't cry enough 😁😜
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 14 napja
I didn’t know Mortal Kombat add a new characters😂
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